Preorders are closed until the week after next, but we do have one 12” Leafeon up for grabs!  She’s already made and ready to be shipped off to a good home~!

Taking preorders for the week now!  By popular request, we’ve made shiny Umbreon, Vaporeon, and beanie Mew available~ PLUS, a new and improved version of our 12” Leafeon plushie!

We’ll be at No Brand Con in Eau Claire, WI in a couple weeks!!  We’ll have a whooole bunch of beanies

Assorted Pokemon swag

AAAAND a few non-fandom plush things as well! <3

Yay yay!  NBC last year was a blast so I’m super excited!  Hopefully we get to see some of you there! :D


shrieks !!!! look what came in the mail today !! it’s a shiny sylveon plush made by follylolly, i’ve been wanting one of their plush for months now and i feel super lucky that i was able to snag one a couple weeks ago ;o; it’s beautiful and very sturdy, i’m so happy today


Look who arrived in the mail today!! Pillowing and Muffles plushes (and beanies!) from follylolly / follyface!

I love them, they’re even more beautiful in person! ;u; Thank you so much!!

Absol beanie commissioned by Twinklestah!  It was hard to get good pictures of him- his fuzzy neck ruff thingie is cute, but it makes him hard to pose for photos!  I like how he turned out, though <3 

Commission for AJ of her character Muffles!!  This guy makes such a cute lil beanie~

Commissioned Sylveon bag~ It has a detachable chain strap and zippered opening in the back, and the ribbons are wired and poseable for better accuracy and to keep them out of the way when worn.

I loved working on this!! <3


My Folly Lolly purse came in so i just tossed it on my melody toys jsk that I already had out to see how some of the colors matched (going to pair this jsk with my dream fantasy blouse since it has bear lace!). They were so awesome to work with because I was curious if they had more of a light pink thread for the eyes and if they could switch out the nose to black. They did such a great job and I think the pink they had on hand matches my wardrobe much better than the original hot pink color. It’s so soft and actually has a surprising amount of room for the size! The design reminds me so much of Deery-lou from sanrio but in such a great range of colors! Very excited to put together an outfit with it.

This coord is so cuuuutee!!! <3 thank you for ordering from us! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Now taking preorders for everything we currently have materials for on hand!  We’ll only be taking a certain number of orders before closing, so hurry~!

We have a couple new products available this round that the fabric just came in for, plus~ all-new Squirtle beanies!!

Keep in mind that these will all be made to order, so you’ll have to allow for 7-14 days or so before they ship!

Preorder limit reached!  Thank you to everyone to ordered~!