Commissioned Wooper plushie!  He comes to just below 12” and is made from minky, with applique and machine embroidered details.

This was sooo fun to make!  Wooper is the cutest! *O*

Itty Bitty Vinyl Scratch and Octavia plushies!  I’ve been meaning to make these two for quite a while, I’m glad I finally got a chance to do so!

This particular set will be coming to Bronycon with us, but they’ll be available in our online shop once we’re taking orders again :>

Itty Bitty Lyra and Bon Bon plushies~!  Both stand at about 8” tall and make super cute little travel companions or desk buddies!

They can be ordered here either as a magnetic kissy set or individually whenever we have preorders open!


Sylveon plush beanies from folly lolly!

They’re so cute together!! <3 thanks for posting these~!

Ninetales and Vulpix beanie babies!  These two were made on commission, but both are available on our shop when we open preorders! :>

Plushie preorders OPEN + new MLP set available!

Preorders for everything we have fabric to make currently are now open!  Click here to check out what we have!  Orders will generally take 2-3 weeks to complete so please be aware of that when ordering <3 as per usual, we’ll be taking a limited number of orders and then closing the shop to take down any extra listings!

Plus we now have Lyra and Bon Bon 8” plushies available in the store!  These can either be bought individually here and here, or as a set with magnetic snouts (for kisses!) at a slight discount.

I finally got the chance to update our Leafeon beanie design!  This new version has both higher-quality minky and a brighter shade of green for it’s ears and tail <3 (bonus shot with Glaceon because they look so cute together!)

Preorders time!  As always, plushies are made to order so please allow for about 2-3 weeks for your order to be completed!  We’re also taking fewer slots than usual this week, so act fast~!

Preorders for our Pixel Sky JSKs are still up (they have been and will be until we reach the minimum order, so this isn’t really a new development), plus we have now have Ninetales beanies available!

Vulpix beanies are also up for preorder this week, and the two are totally cute as set! <3

Thank you for your support everybody~!

Since our project list is still fairly full we won’t be taking plushie preorders this week, sorry!  In the meantime, [Pikachu] and [Eevee] beanies, [12” Meowstic plushies] and [Jirachi keychains] are all in stock and ready to ship!  Plus, our [Pixel Sky] dress is also still available for preorder in pink and blue colorways~

To those interested in our Pixel Sky JSK


There’s been some confusion on a couple of things so let me clarify:

1) The pre-order period for our Pixel Sky JSK is the MAIN period to order.  We’ll be taking preorders until we reach the minimum order requirement for production, and then placing an order with our production company for however many preorders we have at that point.  We may have a couple of extras but no guarantees, so if you want to order one it’s best to do so asap rather than try to wait until preorders end.  Once we place the order, that’s it!

2) The pearls and bows at the neckline are not removable, but CAN be made removable at no extra charge.  Just send us a support ticket through storenvy or email us at and let us know, and we’ll make a note!

We’ve gotten a handful of messages about both of those things, so I figured it would be good to clarify now! Thanks for your support everyone!


(link to the dress: Pink , Blue)