Commissioned Nintales plush.  I made a few minor changes from the last Ninetales I made, though they’re not very obvious.  As much as I dislike sewing allll those tails, it was nice to get to make her again!

Plush is made from minky and stands about 12” tall.  Eyes are machine embroidered.

Commissioned custom Umbreon XL beanie of Naru-Pika's Naruru.  This beanie baby-style plush is about 15” long and is made from minky with machine embroidered and appliqued details.  The scarf is made from fleece.

This design is super cute!  I had a lot of fun making it <3

Three-tailed kitsune plush, made from minky with machine embroidered eyes.  He’s about 11” tall to the tips of his ears!

We’ll be selling these in our shop once it opens up again, so keep an eye out!  I decided to go for a natural sort of color scheme for this one, but there will be more designs and fun color schemes in the near future~

Commissioned 12” Arcanine plush.  Made from faux fur and minky, with machine embroidered and appliqued detailing.  This was surprisingly fun to make, despite how much I normally hate working with faux fur :P

Trade/commission plush for Noroit!  This is actually a few months old, but I guess I forgot to post the pictures anywhere, haha.

Plush is made from minky and measures around 11” (if I remember correctly) from tip to hilt.

Commissioned Caterpie plush!  He’s about 12” long total and stands around 8” tall.  Making this plush has made me appreciate how cute Caterpie is a little more! <3

We’ll be kickin’ it in Baltimore this weekend for Bronycon 2014!  Hopefully we’ll get to see some of you there!  We’ll have plenty of itty bitty and 12” pony plushies, as well as some things we don’t usually sell online… you’ll have to stop by booth #911 to check out the selection! :D

We’ll be there all weekend (or until we’re sold out), so come say hi! <3

Sidenote! Folly get held up on her flight here tonight, so she won’t be at BC until around 2PM on Friday, so I’ll be manning the booth by myself for a bit with the half of the stock I have, feel free to stop by and buy something though! -Daymare


My baby Sylveon Beanie from Follylolly!

I love her so~ she is always on my bed next to my Puddle Bunny <3

Aww these pictures are super cute!  Thanks for posting! <33

Commissioned Wooper plushie!  He comes to just below 12” and is made from minky, with applique and machine embroidered details.

This was sooo fun to make!  Wooper is the cutest! *O*

Itty Bitty Vinyl Scratch and Octavia plushies!  I’ve been meaning to make these two for quite a while, I’m glad I finally got a chance to do so!

This particular set will be coming to Bronycon with us, but they’ll be available in our online shop once we’re taking orders again :>